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Working with Our BPO Team

Working With Our BPO Team

Working With Us

Making A Start

For many clients, the decision to outsource is the result of a journey of exploration where a desire to retain in-house core processes simply can’t be balanced with the demands of quality and cost. The advantages of outsourcing to us are cost-effective access to technical specialists who genuinely lead their disciplines and can map, recreate and run complex processes that traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) service partners would not be able to deliver. In turn, our technical leaders are backed by robust protocols for transition, quality management and process improvement to make sure clients migrate smoothly and reap the benefits of our continuous improvement programs as they go forward.

Our Outsourcing Process

Our engagement with a client works in several phases.

Process Initiation

We analyse a client’s business goals and objectives, define the requirements we must meet, work up a high-level process understanding, analyse potential costs and develop a business case.

Business Process Transition

In addition to developing a detailed project plan, we produce service level agreements and escalation protocols, communication and training plans, documentation, performance and management protocols, and a pilot.

Steady State Delivery

Once the project is in operation, we closely monitor and manage it to make sure it meets our agreed standards in areas such as quality, efficiency and customer experience. Our commitment to training excellence ensures our fully engaged team are equipped to operate at the highest levels.

Continuous Improvement

We also ensure that we work with the client to actively pursue opportunities to review, refine and improve their processes. Using Six Sigma data-driven methodologies, we add significant value through continuous, disciplined business process outsourcing services improvement.






Business Process





Steady State

Manage Performance

Quality Control


Further Training






Quality Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our commitment to quality is complete, and we use a range of techniques to make sure all our operations meet the highest standards. Staff who are in contact with clients by telephone undergo internal audits of how they approach and resolve customer issues, with scorecards recording the customer experience and professionalism being a non-negotiable factor. Staff who are not in telephone contact with clients, such as back office, are audited for compliance to the agreed steps for running a process. Finally, our process improvement regimen applies Six Sigma analysis to assess whether any recurring problems are the result of process deficiencies and develops new approaches in cases where processes can be improved.

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